At Jing Jo we have always been a supporter of the Kangaroo Valley Tourist Associations push to be a sustainable tourism destination. We operate our business in an environment of amazing beauty, with Kangaroo Valley’s spectacular escarpments, bountiful wildlife, and a community that cares for the environment from which most residents earn their living.

Chai in the vegetable garden

With this in mind we constructed and planted our vegetable and herb garden at the beginning of 2010, with the aim of supplementing the vegetables and herbs we buy with freshly grown produce. In addition to this we compost our kitchen scraps, coffee grounds and garden waste to add to organic fertiliser for use on our garden.

With our freshly-harvested vegetables and herbs and by choosing to buy predominantly local we also reduce the amount of “food kilometres” that the produce must travel. This reduction of food kilometres not only ensures we can serve truly fresh food, but also ties in with our desire to produce our food in a sustainable manner.

Reducing our footprint

This sustainability extends beyond using local produce, to the way we operate our business. The biggest impact we have on our environment is through carbon production through the use of energy. As we are a restaurant we use a lot of electricity for refrigeration, water heating and cooking. We also use gas for cooking. In order to operate our business more sustainably, and reduce the amount of energy we use, we are always conscious of that energy use, and how best to reduce our carbon footprint.

By choosing to buy local produce our aim is to reduce the time from harvest to plate.

Our Chef has decided to use this wealth of fresh produce to create exciting specials each day for weekend brunch. These specials include our own home made dishes, fresh locally caught seafood, steak from farms on the South Coast, and vegetarian dishes bursting with flavour.

Our customers have noticed the difference, the most regular comment we get is “Everything tastes delicious and so fresh!” Come in and try for yourself!