Gary Steer is a multi-award winning photographer and film-maker who has deep connections with Kangaroo Valley. In fact he was one of the team of photographers who took shots of the inaugural Arts in the Valley way back in 2007. Jing Jo is proud to present his photographic work and we’re sure his images will delight our customers. Of the exhibition, Gary says:

“When I first used a camera it was like discovering a third eye. It made me more aware of things around me. I looked at the world in a different way. The camera concentrated my attention on the environments I was in.

I would imagine the landscapes within a frame, shift the frame about until it looked pleasing to the eye. Then CLICK and freeze the moment of time.

I began my professional photographic life taking still photographs. I was particulary interested in wildlife and, since animals are living, breathing, moving things, it was not long before I started shooting movie film to capture their behaviour and spirit.

I worked in independent documentary film production for about 25 years, doing cinematography, research, scriptwriting, directing and producing. This involved much travel and I never have recovered from the wander virus. There is no known cure for this ailment but, like homeopathy, little doses help to relieve the symptoms.

Now I am returning to still photography and more travel – all good medicine.

Flame on the Water
Flame on the Water Adelaide Zoo SA photograph 52 x 63
Ghost Lake
Ghost Lake Lake Gairdner SA phot graph 113 x 126
James Craig at Anchor
James Craig at Anchor Jervis Bay NSW photograph 54 x 64
Kangaroos in the Mist
Kangaroos in the Mist Kangaroo Valley NSW photograph 60 x 51
Lining Up for the Jump
Lining Up for the Jump Sydney Equestrian Centre photograph 43 x 32
Autumn on the Canal
Autumn on the Canal Amsterdam Netherlands photograph 32 x 43
Camel Rock Dawn
Camel Rock Dawn Wallaga Lake NSW photograph 106 x 77
Century of Rust
Century of Rust Amsterdam Netherlands photograph 32 x 43
Cockle Bay Reflections
Cockle Bay Reflections Darling Harbour Sydney photograph 58 x 67
Coming of the Vikings
Coming of the VikingsDarling Harbour Sydney photograph 27 x 36
Drum Sticks
Drum Sticks Barren Grounds NSW photograph 64 x 46
Drizzle Lake Fitzroy NSW photograph 61 x 52
Emus on the Salt Lake
Emus on the Salt Lake Lake Gairdner SA photograph 72 x 52
Eyes of a Canal Boat
Eyes of a Canal Boat Amsterdam, Netherlands photograph 32 x 43
From the Holden Window
From the Holden Window Stuart Town NSW photograph 94 x 69
Monuments Bombo NSW photograph 75 x 53
Myna on the Slab Hut
Myna on the Slab Hut Jamberoo Road NSW photograph 56 x 66
Mountain Homestead
Mountain Homestead Namadji ACT photograph 69 x 60
Ned the Rowboat
Ned the Rowboat Hobart Tasmania photograph 52 x 63
Northey’s Store
Northey’s Store Hill End NSW photograph 69 x 60
On the Wallaby Track
On the Wallaby Track Tathra NSW photograph 59 x 49
Rowboat in the Fog
Rowboat in the Fog Lake Fitzroy NSW photograph 63 x 50
Show of Might
Show of Might Western Plains Zoo Dubbo photograph 54 x 68
Silver Anchor
Silver Anchor Amsterdam Netherlands photograph 32 x 43
Spilt Lake
Spilt Lake Lake Gairdner SA photograph 60 x 51
The Questioning Naturalist
The Questioning Naturalist Studio photograph 40 x 31