Eve Smith - an Exhibition of Recent Watercolours

Born in Australia and having grown up in South Africa, Eve Smith is inspired by beautiful countryside and animals. She has been painting watercolours seriously for 12 years and has undertaken workshops under several prominent Australian artists. Eve moved recently to the NSW South Coast. Everywhere she looks, she wants to paint.

Mogo Geese
Mogo Geese 22.5 x 32.5cm
Zambesi Elephants
Zambesi Elephants 49 x 30cm
Zebras 53 x 33cm
Fitzroy Island QLD
Fitzroy Island QLD 52 x 33cm
Cairns Wharf
Cairns Wharf 53 x 33cm
Point Perpendicular NSW
Point Perpendicular NSW 24 x 33cm
Jervis Bay NSW
Jervis Bay NSW 53 x 33cm
Child, Jervis Bay
Child, Jervis Bay 55 x 35cm
Kangaroo Valley Folk Festival
Kangaroo Valley Folk Festival 55 x 35cm
Kangaroo Valley Creek
Kangaroo Valley Creek 55 x 35cm
Mystery Bay NSW
Mystery Bay NSW 73 x 39cm
Peaceful Norfolk
Peaceful Norfolk 52.5 x 32.5cm
Norfolk House
Norfolk House 53 x 33cm
Norfolk Coast
Norfolk Coast 53 x 33cm
Norfolk Lighter
Norfolk Lighter 53 x 33cm
Napier NZ
Napier NZ 53 x 34.5cm
Warkworth NZ
Warkworth NZ 24 x 34cm
Tilba Tilba NSW
Tilba Tilba NSW 53 x 34cm
Little Dromedary Mountain NSW
Little Dromedary Mountain NSW 53 x 33cm
Yackandandah Hotel
Yackandandah Hotel 55 x 35cm
Yackandandah Autumn
Yackandandah Autumn 53 x 33cm
Meerkats 20.5 x 28.5cm